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From Pierre Martins <>
Subject Re: [cron block] Execute job with original request setup
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 07:44:27 GMT
Hi Andreas,

I saw Vadim already gave you some infos.
I am using directly the Quartz Scheduler Agent from Cocoon aand don't 
know much more about Lenya.
Nevertheless, the mechanism should be the same.
Andreas Hartmann wrote:

> Hi Cocoon devs,
> in the process of moving the Lenya scheduler to Cocoon components,
> I played a little bit with the cron block.
> At first I tried to invoke a Lenya service from the scheduler by
> obtaining the service directly via the ServiceableJob's service manager.
> But this way I ended up with exceptions, because the request URI
> was empty. Originally, the service was only invoked from the web
> interface via flowscript.
> Some questions:
> 1) Is it possible to initialize a cron job with the original environment
>    information?

I would look directly on the cocoon.xconf file.
I looked quickly and it looks like Lenya is using the Quartz scheduler 
from Cocoon.
A a consequence, you should be able to initialize your cron job directly 
in the cocoon.xconf by providing the correct parameters.
This will be ok only if you have a predefine number of tasks to load.

> 2) Or is it unwise to implement Contextualizable and access the request
>    object via the ContextHelper in services which can be called from
>    the scheduler? If yes, would that mean I should pass the request
>    URI etc. manually?
Personally I modified the QuartzScheduler so that it can read into a DB 
when starting Cocoon.
This way all the cron Job I have already configured are automatically 
loaded and the correct parameters.
It enables me to create or remove tasks during my session. Those 
modification will reamins when cocoon restarts
I think your Idea with the ContextHelper might be fine but you need to 
find a way to provide the correct info to it.

> 3) Are there any general hints how to implement such a behaviour
>    (call the same service from web interface and scheduler)?

Refer to my first answer. Again, I am using the QuartzScheduler directly 
but this system allows me to define my tasks through a URI, when Cocoon 
restart they are all loaded.

> Thanks in advance!
> -- Andreas
I hope this will help, sorry if I missed something,


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