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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [docs] "docs" Ant target
Date Thu, 10 Mar 2005 10:47:06 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:

>> Perhaps we should step back a bit and assess the situation. It seems
>> a cumbersome process to double-handle all of the source docs, just to
>> add some specially-generated docs. Would it help to put these special
>> docs into a completely separate workspace?
> I don't like this duplicaton process either. Well, as far as I 
> understand, the reasons for this is that we want to style the docs using 
> the common skin and not something different. The question is, do we 
> really need the sitemap-component docs (some kind of API documentation) 
> in this common style? I'd say no. They are similar to javadocs and 
> nobody has ever complained about not having the tightly integrated in 
> our website. (I don't want to say that I wouldn't like seeing all docs 
> in the common style but it's not worth doing the huge amount of work to 
> get it done.)
> Maybe  we can agree on this: Generated documentation is linked from our 
> documenation but is not integrated in our common style:

If we are to do this, then we've at least to be consistent in linking to 
the generated docs from the other documentation. i.e. the 
SearchGenerator needs to have a prominent link directly to the section 
describing the SearchGenerator.

> This would make thinks much easier. WDOT?

It would, but could easily relegate the generated docs into a place 
never visited if we're not careful.


>> [*]
>> The other thing to bear in mind, and this was one of the big hold-ups
>> in the past with improving the docs, is that all of the docs are also
>> generated via the Cocoon webapp ... ' servlet'. They use old
>> stylesheets that are probably dependent on an old version of xdocs DTD.
>> I don't have any answer to that.
> I don't think we need this anymore. "forrest webapp" is more than a 
> replacement for people who want to see the docs "live".

Well, I really _don't_ like the idea of not shipping HTML docs with a 
distribution, whether that is shipping ready made HTML, or as viewable 
via Cocoon. Telling a beginner who wants to read the docs offline that 
he has to go and download Forrest to find out how Cocoon works is just 
not acceptable.

Regards, Upayavira

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