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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Any JCR (JSR-170) scratchpad code for Cocoon yet?
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 04:13:30 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> Michael Wechner wrote:
>>> Upayavira wrote:
>>>> Michael Wechner wrote:
>>>>> what about specifying the repo as parameter, e.g.
>>>>> <map:generate src="jcr://...">
>>>>>  <map:parameter name="repo" value="..."/>
>>>>> </map:generate>
>>>> Because this is a source, not a generator. The parameter would be a 
>>>> parameter to the generator.
>>> ok. Well, I thought the generator could pass it on to the source, but 
>>> I guess I
>>> don't fully understand how it should work. Will try to figure it out.
>>> But on the other hand I don't fully understand why Sylvan would like 
>>> to use
>>> jcrX://... instead of jcr://X/... as Stefano suggested, which seems 
>>> to make
>>> more sense.
>> same here.
>> The repository configuration could be done in the source configuration 
>> (.xconf) but I guess that Sylvain is aware of this ;-)
> My suggestion of having different protocols for different repositories 
> comes from lazyness as with jcr://repo/ the first path element has to be 
> handled by the source factory implementation that then needs to call the 
> appropriate repository (and also manage a collection of repositories) 
> whereas having several protocols allows all this stuff to be handled 
> automatically by the service manager and the source resolver.
> Or we could also have a RepositorySelector and select a repository using 
> the first path element. Hmm... that may be a good option as an 
> application also need to access a repository directly and not only 
> through a source. Hmm...

I know it came from lazyness.

And that is also why I hope you'll reconsider spending those 15 minutes 
and save all of us (and you!) terrible pain in the future in answering a 
gazillion email about why in hell that was done ;-)


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