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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Experimental per-sitemap reloadable classloader
Date Wed, 09 Mar 2005 00:02:26 GMT
> A side benefit, tremedously useful, is that the classloader is 
> re-created when the sitemap is reloaded. So this allows, by setting a 
> class-dir, to reload changed classes simply by touching the sitemap.

Awesome, mate! :-D

If we integrate the file alteration monitor from
jci we can even trigger the sitemap reload
without the need of touching the sitemap.

...and we could also hook in the byte code
transformations (if needed for javaflow)

Do you think that would work?

> Maybe not as smart as an automatic compiling classloader, but as saving 

...not sure if it really has to be a compiling classloader
as long as we have a automated reloading from within the ide.

> This feature is intended for application development-time, as it doesn't 
> take into consideration instances of the previous versions of the 
> reloaded classes that may be stored here and there such as in session 
> attributes. That means that you may get some ClassCastException whenever 
> such a cases arises. This is the current price to pay for fast roundtrips.

I think that's ok for development!

Great stuff!


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