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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [RT] A Unified Environment Model?
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 10:33:32 GMT
Gregor J. Rothfuss wrote:

> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:
>> As discussed in various threads we need a common environment model 
>> for flow, templating (both with flow and non-flow input). And it will 
>> also make Cocoon easier to learn if the environment part of FOM (let 
>> us call it OM) and the sitemap environment model, i.e. input modules 
>> (IMs) are put together in some way.
> it would make sense to also look at whether output modules still make 
> sense, and if yes, how to support those. they look like a hack to me, 
> but maybe i'm missing something. 

IIRC they where designed to be used for XSP actions and in DB contexts, 
but I have not used them for such things and for use together with flow 
they seem unnecesary complicated for my taste. So I don't know if output 
modules make sense anymore either.


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