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From "Linden H van der (MI)" <>
Subject RE: CForms Binding - Cross Referenced Data (duplicate of post on users)
Date Sun, 13 Mar 2005 18:49:49 GMT

Just a quick response. 

What you describe here are two entities: rooms and persons. It is much
more common sense to treat them separately, i.e. a list for editing
persons (just a repeater) and a list for editing rooms (simple list?)
and finally, maybe a doubleList for adding persons to a room.


Bye, Helma

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Ben Pope [] 
> Sent: Sunday, 13 March 2005 18:12
> To:
> Subject: CForms Binding - Cross Referenced Data (duplicate of 
> post on users)
> Hi,
> First of, sorry for the post here, but I've asked a few times 
> on users and
> not had this solved, so I'm gonna cross my fingers and post here:
> This is something I've been struggling with, on and off, for 
> some time now.
> Assume I have some data as follows:
> <project>
>    <people>
>       <person id="0">
>          <name>Me</name>
>       </person>
>       <person id="1">
>          <name>You</name>
>       </person>
>       <person id="2">
>          <name>Him</name>
>       </person>
>    </people>
>    <rooms>
>       <room id="0">
>          <name>Lounge</name>
>          <person idref="0"/>
>          <person idref="1"/>
>       </room>
>       <room id="1">
>          <name>Kitchen</name>
>          <person idref="2"/>
>       </room>
>    </rooms>
> </project>
> That describes a list of people which are in a particular 
> room, so Me and
> You are in the Lounge and Him is in the Kitchen.
> I want to have a form that displays, for a given room, a list 
> of the people
> in it.
> A repeater is obviously the first choice, but there are a few
> counter-intuitive thingsd going on:
> I need to be able to modify the name of the person.  Simply 
> running the
> repeater over the rooms is not enough.
> Adding a row needs to add an rooms/room/person with an idref 
> - I'll then use
> client side javascript and XMLHTTP to allow the user to 
> select a person (by
> id) to fit in the space, as all the people are predefined.  I 
> do not want to
> have the repeater add /people/persons.
> I've toyed with a few ideas:
> id is passed in as a parameter, and this code is actually in 
> a stylesheet -
> but ignore that for now.
> <fb:repeater id="people" parent-path="/project/rooms/room[@id={$id}]"
> row-path="/project/people/person[@id=/project/rooms/room[@id={
> $id}]/person/@
> idref]">
> This "solution" has the result of being perfect for load.  
> However, when I
> save it, it breaks, because I can't have an xpath predicate.  
> So what do I
> set the row-path-insert to?
> If I set row-path-insert="/project/people/person" and bind 
> the id (which is
> fb:identity) in both directions, /project/people/ ends up correct, but
> /project/rooms/room/ doesn't get updated.
> I've tried
>       <fb:on-insert-row>
>          <fb:context path="/project/rooms/room[@id='0']">
>             <fb:insert-node>   <person idref="5"/>
>       </fb:insert-node>
> But then I get a new node in both /rooms/room[@id='0']/ which 
> is correct,
> and another node created in /project/people/ which is the 
> usual binding for
> person and is a copy of the existing one.  This doesn't seem 
> correct to me.
> Hmm, I've had a little play with fb:javascript but I don't 
> know what I'm
> doing... Ideally I would remove all the 
> /rooms/room[@id='x']/person fields
> and repopulate with the list of ids in the repeater.  I can't 
> seem to work
> out the correct APIs, it always says that such and such 
> method doesn't exist
> - can anybody point me in the right direction?
> I've toyed with the idea of having two repeaters, and 
> updating one from the
> other but it sounds like a recipe for disaster.
> Another idea was to have a play around with it in flow, but I 
> suspect I'd
> end up with exactly the same problems I have using 
> fb:javascript, with the
> disadvantage of distributing the binding code.
> Any help is much appreciated, I'm confused by the number of 
> options and
> multitude of interfaces.
> I can't be the only person working with cross-referenced 
> data!  I'm either
> missing something or the repeater just doesn't understand 
> this construct - I
> wonder if Sylvain has any ideas on this.
> I also started writing my own Repeater (well I copied the 
> existing one,
> renamed it, changed some of it's parameters and managed to 
> get Cforms to use
> it), but running through with eclipse in debug mode doesn't 
> really throw any
> light on the subject - it's all too confusing for me.
> Heeeelp!
> Ben

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