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From "Linden H van der (MI)" <>
Subject RE: Table-less forms for your webapp - small question
Date Tue, 01 Mar 2005 18:37:30 GMT
> You mean changing the forms-styling XSL stuff?
> Would be way cool, but there are people who might not want to rely on 
> CSS too much for positioning fields.
> I'm all for moving to more powerful CSS-based versions, but 
> it might be 
> good to keep the existing stuff around for people who want to 
> stay with plain HTML.

I'll try to keep the table version, while adding a CSS version. Looks
more difficult than I first thought. ;-) But I'll get there.

BTW. I noticed a TODO in one of the styling files: i18n for the Calendar
img alt. I'll fix that as well if you guys can provide me with the
correct translation of "Calender" in:

- German
- Italian
- French

Bye, Helma

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