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From douentza douentza <>
Subject Remender Parameters (or variable) value and How to change their value
Date Thu, 31 Mar 2005 08:18:54 GMT

Hello !
I have create a Cforms which contains wo field whose name are 
page_number and area_name.
I have define two map:match in my pipeline:
First ) <map:match pattern="debut" > ... </map>
Second) <map:match pattern="suivant" > ... </map>

The targer when POST of the CFORMS is <map:match pattern="debut" >.
In this step, I can get the page_number and area_name value enter
 in the cforms and pass them into a xsp program thanks to 
<map:parameter name="inputareaname" value="{request-parma:are_name}"/> and 
The result of this XSP generate an uri which target is the Second (map:match pattern="suivant").

But in this last steg I don't know How to get the values of my fields (page_number and area_name)
and How can I modify them ? I have try to make the same may in the First, but the page_number
and area_name are null !!
I would like to nkow another way to this this
Thanks for your help

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