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From Tim Larson <>
Subject Fwd: [Patch] importPackage Ambiguous import error fix
Date Tue, 22 Mar 2005 21:51:52 GMT
I solved the "Ambiguous import" bug caused by importPackage,
and sent this email to the rhino list for them to check it.

----- Forwarded message from Tim Larson <> -----

From: Tim Larson <>
Subject: [Patch] importPackage Ambiguous import error fix

Attached is a patch to fix importPackage to not import the
same package more than once.  This fixes an error that
shows up if a call to importPackage is encountered twice
before classes from the package actually get referenced.

I encountered this error while working with a flowscript
(Cocoon's name for javascript+continuations) for a set of
Cocoon forms.  Quickly starting more than one instance of
a form triggers this bug.

The patch replaces a comparison using '=' between two
NativeJavaPackage's with a comparison using string equality.
This effectively compares the package names instead of
checking for object identity.

The other thing which we might need to check is that the
two NativeJavaPackage's both use the same classloader.
I would appreciate it if somebody more knowledgeable of
Rhino internals could sanity check this patch.

--Tim Larson

--- rhino1_6R1/src/org/mozilla/javascript/	2004-11-30 22:11:10.000000000
+++ rhino1_6R1_modified/src/org/mozilla/javascript/	2005-03-22 19:52:43.000000000
@@ -213,7 +213,7 @@
         synchronized (importedPackages) {
             for (int j = 0; j != importedPackages.size(); j++) {
-                if (pkg == importedPackages.get(j)) {
+                if (pkg != null && pkg.toString().equals(importedPackages.get(j).toString()))
                     pkg = null;

----- End forwarded message -----

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