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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon Performance Woes, Is it flow? I don't know!
Date Thu, 17 Mar 2005 20:01:38 GMT
Hi Eric:

I have no time now to read all the answer you got. Some points:

1. java 1.4.2_06 is buggy -> update to 1.4.2_07
2. Flow is slow is FUD. I recently read a comparision between diferent
scripting languages and rhino is the fastest one. The performance is very
good. So I don't think Flow can be a bottleneck.
3. Maybe this could help, but not sure: Yesterday I compiled a new version
of xalan. I also put the target of all the code to java 1.3 innstead of
the default (java 1.1) and just replacing the lib seems like the same
application is noticeable faster. I want to update cocoon with this newer
xalan version but cannot update right now (freeze time before release).

Maybe later today I can find more time to see to the problem closer and
perhaps give you some more advices.

Please give my greetings to JP. ;-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

On Jue, 17 de Marzo de 2005, 11:30, Eric E. Meyer dijo:
> Cocoon Performance Woes, Is it flow? I don't know!
> Hello all,
> My team developed and deployed a web application for a client which is
> built on top of Cocoon (
> I have spent over two weeks now attempting to improve the
> performance and scalability of the application – with some real
> improvements. However, I continue to feel like I'm flying blind –
> because the apparent bottlenecks are somewhere outside of my code. I
> have read a number of previous debates about javascript flow being slow,
> and we are using CForms with Javascript flow, but my main concern is
> that I cannot determine where the bottlenecks are.
> Even when the application is bogging down, the components that my team
> wrote are performing their tasks (generation, transformation,
> flowscripting) at very fast rates (as seen by tracing/logging), but
> something else in the framework/process is bogging down the requests.
> The analysis tools don't show any obvious resource limitation even at
> the highest loading levels.
> Some pages in the site scale quite well, while one in particular does
> not scale well at all. While I know that I'm close to having a system
> that runs blindingly fast, I'm currently faced with a situation where I
> cannot effectively argue that the architecture isn't "fundamentally
> flawed" and I'm unable to address a major scalability concern for my
> client. I would welcome any concrete suggestions on how to better
> determine my bottlenecks and any additional tuning advice.
> Brief description of the application architecture
> CForms, Javascript flow, mix of JX template generators, XInclude
> transformer and custom generator transformers. Core application
> components implemented in Java. Hibernate persistence.
> Profiling and Monitoring
> My biggest problem is that I've only been able to determine where the
> problem isn't at this point. I've used a variety of tools to attempt to
> see what's going on, and why the application is bogging down, but I
> cannot seem to get a comprehensive picture of what delays/bottlenecks
> there are within Cocoon.
> Specifically, it would be extremely helpful to monitor the number of
> generators/transformers/other pooled components in use, allocated, freed
> while under load. Additionally, it would be useful to see the time taken
> up by each of the steps in the process of servicing a request – not just
> the set-up and generation/transform times as shown by the Cocoon profiler.
> These are the tools/approaches that I have used:
> Multi-thread load test with JMeter.
> Profiling of application code using JProbe (CPU and memory analysis).
> Profiling of Cocoon components using Cocoon pipeline profiler.
> Monitoring of Cocoon components using the Cocoon instrumentation client.
> Monitoring of Cocoon server using Status generator.
> Monitored Linux system activity with SAR, iostat, mpstat and vmstat
> during load-testing.
> Profiling of custom generators, transformers and flowscript using
> Jakarata Commons StopWatch and log statements.
> Tweaks made thus far
> Adjusted Java virtual machine parameters
> 	-server -Xms512M -Xmx512M
> Adjust logging levels - turned down logging
> Adjusted thread pool sizes in Tomcat
> 	150 -> 350 max
> Adjusted database connection pool size up to 50
> Adjusted sitemap component pool sizes up
> Optimized some Java code based upon JProbe profiling
> Added additional objects to the in-memory cache to reduce database queries
> Turned off reloading of sitemaps and javascript files
> Replaced default Cocoon JCS cache with Whirlycache
> Replaced default Cocoon Xalan XSL transformer with faster Saxon XSL
> transformer
> Configured Cocoon to reuse XML parsers
> Removed Cocoon store janitor
> Preloading key OO javascript flowscript at server startup
> Observations
> Windows XP
> Pentium 4 1.8Ghz
> JDK 1.4.2_06
> Tomcat 5.0.28
> Cocoon
> 512MB physical RAM
> JVM -server -Xms256M -Xmx256M
> Load test with num users threads each making 5 successive request in a
> loop with approximately 3 second think time between requests. No derived
> resources – only the main page.
> users overall home  search1 search2 search3  detail  total
>        avg ms  page                                   num reqs
> 10      486    208      637    588     644     355    500
> 20     1704    378     2684   1837    2875     745    500
> 30     3725    682     5987   4626    6270    1059    450
> 40    19461   1411    36021  23089   34726    2059    600
> 50    72942   3213   130482  90993  131666    8356    500
> home page: /
> search1: /luxury_hotels/europe__france__paris/index.html
> search2: /luxury_hotels/bahamas_%26_the_caribbean/beach_resort/index.html
> search3:
> /luxury_hotels/europe__france__paris/city_centre_location/index.html
> detail: /luxury_hotel/new_york,_ny/the_carlyle
> Platform:
> Development
> Windows XP
> JDK 1.4.2_06
> Tomcat 5.0.28
> Cocoon
> Deployment
> Linux 2.6.x
> We see similar degradation on Linux as on Windows.
> The home page has no flowscript or cforms, but does have jxtemplate
> generation, xinclude, xslt, and a custom generator.
> The search and detail pages include a cform, and are therefore driven
> with flowscript at the top-level matching (and create continuations in
> the process of displaying their forms). These pages use jxtemplate
> generation, xinclude, xslt, custom generation, custom transformation,
> and internal-only sub pipelines. When looking at the pipeline times with
> a profiling pipeline, the total times (while under load) are much higher
> that the displayed times for the setup and generation steps -- so where
> is the time going?
> Regards,
> Eric Meyer

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