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From oceatoon <>
Subject Cform: Field 2 SelectionList, and the otherway??
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 11:21:43 GMT
Hi everyone 
I posted this in "user list" but got no response, maybe someone here can
help me onthis one.
 I have a field widget(1) that becomes a selection list by a value change of
 another widget(2) in the page. This works great. 
 But for a certain value of the widget(2), on change, I would need to make
 that selection list back into a field widget???
 I found the removeSelectionList(); but it doesn't work??
 there are two  "interface SelectableWidget", one with the remove and the
 other without???
 I don't know what to do ?
 Is my use case possible?
 Thanks for the help 

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