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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: [RT] The Silkworm Experiment
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:59:53 GMT
On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 09:31:50 -0600, Peter Hunsberger
<> wrote:
> You told a whole lot of people that you thought their baby was ugly,
> what did you expect?

Yep, I can see why that would get to people. Wasn't the intention
though, I promise. I'm extremely proud of what Cocoon has become over
the years.

> Best way to help is to help with the current well understood
> requirements.  There's a lot of refactoring going on in the core at
> the moment.  I wouldn't be surprised if you find that you can move
> your ideas forward if you're willing to contribute to the project as
> it currently is heading and not try and turn things around with one
> big sweeping massive change.

I'll do my best.

Also, I'm going to try and carry on shaking up these ideas into
something executable at the same time... We'll see how things pan out


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