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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: [RT] The Silkworm Experiment
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:18:28 GMT

On Thu, 24 Feb 2005 15:29:22 +0100, Daniel Fagerstrom
<> wrote:
> Whithout migration part and/or extremely convincing usecases you will
> find it rather hard to have any impact at Cocoon. Most of us have
> invested so much effort in, and based on, the current architecture so we
> need good reasons for introducing incompabillity.

Understood. I have also invested a lot of time in cocoon (full time
for two years). I understand how you feel. Unfortunately, my aim was
to get these ideas out there, and let people think about them. It
would seem I didn't present them in a very palatable way.

My initial reaction to your e-mail was one of disappointment and
anger. I didn't spend weeks on this e-mail in an attempt to alienate
myself from you guys, and that's what it feels like I've done.

Contrary to what it would appear is the belief, I wrote the e-mail in
an effort to /help/ the Cocoon project. I knew I couldn't just get in
there and deliver all the changes myself, so I thought it was best to
get them out on paper ASAP, and get other people excited and

Sorry it didn't work out that way.


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