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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: [proposal] move cforms in core
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 10:22:12 GMT
Hi Sylvain

Hope you are having a nice holiday ;-)

On 22 Feb 2005, at 21:52, Sylvain Wallez wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>> The more I go around talking about what cocoon is, the more I think 
>> that cforms should not be a block. This also requires the 'template' 
>> system to reside in the core.
>> So, here is my proposal:
>>  1) move cforms in core
>>  2) stop considered 'alpha' and decide to release it when cocoon 2.2 
>> is ready (how far are we from stabilizing cforms anyway?)
> I'm currently working on it (despite being on vacation, but hey, 
> that's when I have some spare time) and already implemented a large 
> part of what's in the stabilization page on the wiki [1].
> BTW, I would be happy if people could refrain to modify CForms this 
> week as I touched a lot of files and I'm on a slow modem connection 
> which doesn't allow frequent commits and merges. Thanks!

I had the need recently to add the ability to use selection lists in 
the aggregate widget.

The usecase was to choose from a set of page sizes for pdf rendering:

         <fd:item value="210*297">
         <fd:item value="297*420">
	. . .


I would like to look into adding this, but would not like to get in 
your way .....


regards Jeremy


                   If email from this address is not signed
                                 IT IS NOT FROM ME

                         Always check the label, folks !!!!!

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