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From "Bart Molenkamp" <>
Subject [FIX] WebSphere 5.1, Cocoon 2.1, JCL
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 07:47:27 GMT
Hi all,

I've managed to get Cocoon 2.1 working on WebSphere 5.1. That's not very
special, as many threads in mail-archives specify how to realize this,
and the page on the Wiki [1] also tells me how to do this.

Only one problem remained for me. Because class-loading mode is set to
PARENT_LAST, classes are loaded from the webapplication before classes
are loaded from the container. Cocoon uses JCL (Jakarta Commons
Logging), but WebSphere does too. And that gives a problem, because
WebSphere configures a LogFactory (TrLogFactory) which is in conflict
with the JCL shipped with Cocoon. I guess it is because of two
incompatible versions of JCL? I don't know actually, as I can't see what
the version of JCL shipped with WebSphere is. This can be very easily
solved by re-setting JCL's log factory. This is explained here [2]. I've
just created a file in WEB-INF/classes, called and added the following property to it:


Now everything (seems to) work fine. I only have a few questions

1. Is it useful to add this file to the classpath, so that JCL always
finds the correct log factory?

2. I guess it would be good to document it. Can I add it to the wiki
page myself (I guess so, but just asking to be sure)?

3. I'm not familiar with Cocoon's logging system. When and where is JCL
used? Where does it try to load a LogFactory class? And is the class
org.apache.commons.logging.impl.LogFactoryImpl correct?



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