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From Greg Weinger <>
Subject Re: [RT] How scripting made me hate java
Date Thu, 17 Feb 2005 05:52:14 GMT
This may be way off course, but have you thought about a Cocoon in 
Squeak?  That perhaps Java won't ever be able to give you the rapid 
development experience (with easy manipulation of the core engine--the 
damn virtual machine, if you're crazy) you're looking for?

Alan Kay came to this conclusion about Java for his Croquet project.

I've been researching Croquet and Seaside (the Seaside part tipped off 
in part by that UCSD course you mentioned featuring Seaside and Cocoon) 
and it has gotten me thinking a lot about developer productivity.  At 
what point is it silly to work in a language that chews up so many 
man-hours, when there is an alternative that could provide equal 
performance, with perhaps better memory usage?

Clearly, there is nowhere near the industry acceptance, and there are 
simply not the libraries available in Squeak there are in Java.  (And 
could anyone find gainful employment if we all began to Squeak?)  But I 
find that universe very compelling and fun to think about, if only as a 
thought experiment.


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