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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: [2.2] Dynamic xconf try to open non-existing files (bug?)
Date Sun, 13 Feb 2005 18:59:28 GMT
What I wanted to say before I forgot that and started to comment other 
stuff ;), is that I think that it would be nice to separate the blocks 
and the blocks building in 2.2, (if its not to hard). But we could 
definitely wait with other aspects of real blocks to 2.3.


Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>> Daniel Fagerstrom wrote: 
> <snip/>
>> I think your ideas lead into the right direction! Though I think we 
>> should agree on a feature freeze *now* and release ASAP.
> Although I also would like a stable 2.2 right now ;), I don't think 
> that is the way things work.  Now one seem to have the itch to finish 
> cForms or VPCs at the moment while Carsten (and others) seem to spend 
> considerable energy in improving the core and the configurations. IMO 
> we could start releasing 2.2 when Carsten have achived his current 
> goals with the kernel (whatever they might be ;) ) or runs out of steam.
> I don't think feature freezing is the right thing to do when we have a 
> lot of inertia.
> Having said that I would like to do something about the VPCs, but I 
> haven't researched the current implementation enough to know if it is 
> straight forward or if it requires considerable refactoring of the 
> sitemap engine and the environment handling.
>> Then we can continue the discussions about blocks - maybe at a 
>> special blocks hackaton :-). 
> +1
> /Daniel

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