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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: IntelliJ Open Source developer's license
Date Wed, 09 Feb 2005 03:53:31 GMT
You might also need to include the cocoon jars from 
build/webapps/WEB-INF-lib. I have one project that does that and one 
that doesn't.

Ralph Goers wrote:

> This can be done fairly easily. I'll outline the steps I use.
> 1. Create a directory named cocoon.
> 2. Do "svn co 
>". This 
> will create a BRANCH_2_1_X subdirectory.
> 3. Build Cocoon.
> 4. Create an idea project in cocoon/BRANCH_2_1_X. Use that as the 
> source directory.  You can set the output path to 
> cocoon/BRANCH_2_1_X/build/cocoon-2.1.7-dev/classes, but I don't thnk 
> it matters much (I don't ever compile Cocoon in IntelliJ).
> 5. Open the project settings.
>    a. If you have installed and configured subversion then add it as 
> the source control.
>    b. In Paths select the libraries tab.
>    c. Click on add jars.
>   d.  Select all the jars in lib/core and lib/optional and add them.
>   e.  Back under paths mark the build directory as excluded (this 
> speeds things up a bit). You can also exclude other non-source stuff 
> if you want.
> 6. Select Run/Edit Configurations.
>    a. Select the Remote tab.
>    b. enter a name ("Cocoon" works).
> 7. export JPDA_OPTS to match the arguments shown in the IntelliJ window.
> 8. Set some breakpoints. 9. Open the debug window for the "Cocoon" 
> task you just created.
> 10. Start tomcat using " jpda start".
> 11. Start the debug task in IntelliJ.
> Now everytime you want to debug you only need to do steps 8-11.
> This works whether you are running Cocoon in Tomcat, Weblogic or 
> something else. You just have to make sure the JVM Cocoon runs in has 
> the remote options that IntelliJ tells you to set.
> If you want to be able to build Cocoon inside of IntelliJ you should 
> be able to set up as an external task to run.  Another option 
> would be to modify Cocoon's build to build a module for each block, 
> but I'll convert the build to use maven before I'd bother with that. 
> Then I could just do "maven idea:multiproject".
> HTH,
> Ralph

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