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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: gump libraries etc
Date Mon, 07 Feb 2005 10:22:28 GMT
> After updating to latest trunk I've run into
> problems building the javaflow block because
> jars are missing in the classpath. Anyway, maybe
> some sleep and a clean rebuild will help...

...unfortunately it did not :-/

> BUT while searching for the cause I was reading
> through the gump descriptor and I realized
> that I don't really understand the concept
> of how we specify library dependencies.
> Some are named as explicit projects. Some
> are refered to but are not in the file. The
> jars sometimes include the path from the dist
> root (lib/optional) sometimes there is no
> path at all.
> Just a mess or what am I missing?

For one it turns out I was missing the <home/> element.
(Thanks, Reinhard ;)

...but if you look at the hsqldb block

  <project name="cocoon-block-hsqldb"


     <ant target="gump-block">
       <property name="block-name" value="hsqldb"/>
       <property name="version" value="@@DATE@@"/>

     <depend project="cocoon" inherit="all"/>
     <depend project="cocoon-block-databases"/>
     <depend project="hsqldb"/>

     <library name="hsqldb"/> see it depends on the project "hsqldb"
and the library "hsqldb". But now if you search
for a project entry called "hsqldb" ...there is


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