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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: Portal Tools plugin links
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 18:15:48 GMT
Jens Maukisch wrote:
> Hi Ralph,
>>I am running Cocoon on my Linux box and am trying to access the portal
>>tools plugins from my Windows box.  This does not work because the links
>>are hardcoded to localhost.  I tried changing it to a relative path but
>>it failed miserably.  This needs to be changed to behave like the rest
>>of the portal.
> Yes, thats a known problem. We used the global var in the sitemap to
> set the base-tag in the head of the portal-page.xsl inside the tools,
> so that we could access the images used in the skins could be accessed
> without problems (I don't like links like ../../../../foo.gif :-))
Unfortunatly not only the images but also all the links use the base-tag :(

> Nomally you just have to set it one time to the ip/domain of your box
> if you don't move the portal from one position to another every day.
> If you have a better/more elgeant/easier souloution please let me
> know.
We have to change all the link/image references in the portal anyway. I 
think it's possible to get rid off this base tag by addressing all 
resources relative from the servlet context. But changing this will take 
some time; I hope to get something done in the next days.


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