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From Carsten Ziegeler <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r149408 - in cocoon/branches/BRANCH_2_1_X/src: deprecated/java/org/apache/cocoon/components/source/ java/org/apache/cocoon/components/ java/org/apache/cocoon/components/source/impl/ java/org/apache/cocoon/components/treeprocessor/ java/org/apache/cocoon/environment/ java/org/apache/cocoon/environment/wrapper/ webapp/samples/test/pass-through/
Date Tue, 01 Feb 2005 18:11:49 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:
> Well, we have based some important parts of our project based on the 
> assumption that it worked, and well... I need to make it work now :-/
> Now if I find all these bugs in 2.1, I guess that also because our 
> project makes a good test case for this fragile thing. So if our project 
> runs, it's very likely that everything is ok. I'm also building some 
> test cases in webapp/samples/tests/pass-through along with my bugfix 
> work. We'll see how 2.2 behaves ;-)
:) True, your project might really be a good test case.

> Hopefully :-) And in the meantime, this allows me to better understand 
> the internals of the environment management, which was still a dark area 
> for me. I know this has changed a lot in 2.2, but this knowledge won't 
> be lost and will allow me to more easily understand the reasons that led 
> to the 2.2 refactoring.
Perhaps ;) I'm currently not sure if the pass-through is working 100% in 
2.2, but it should be much easier to fix - at least that's my hope...

> Also, if I don't succeed in fixing 2.1, I promise to roll back the 
> current changes.
Deal :) (Just as a reminder, I'm sure you would have done anyway: Please 
also add the important changes to 2.2 later on, like the change in the 
removeAttribute() method)

Good luck :)


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