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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject Building webapp resources
Date Tue, 15 Feb 2005 07:54:05 GMT

My appologies for asking aquestion not directly related to the
development of cocoon but I need some authoritive input on an issue.

I'm working on a project where my predecesors deemed it nessesary to
have individual build processes for each sub directory/module in the
webapp. The build process does nothing more than merge various sitemap
fragments into a a single sitemap file. There's little to be gained
and the rationalisation could/should take place by using the sitemap
heirarchy rather than merging like this.

Now my question is what views do you have regarding this sort of
nonesense. To my mind while MVC might be maintained in terms of the
where all the code is and how it interacts, the practical implications
are that a site builder/editor cant work on the resources without
building the project. I'd like to confirm that cocoon developers
consider it good practice to have the web app resources as relativly
static and inituitive for site builders/editors to work on non java
stuff without getting bogged down in crack induced sub builds.

Again I know this isn't a cocoon dev question but your input will be


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