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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [docs] Publication infrastructure and actions
Date Wed, 23 Feb 2005 08:08:06 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> David Crossley wrote:
> >Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> >
> >>What does it need to get manual rsync calls working so that 2.2 and 
> >>portal docs are available at
> >>
> >> and
> >>
> >
> >Rsync from where? 
> From the machine that hosts our public available documentation

It cannot do rsync of the generated docs that are on brutus.
Hence the comment below. Brutus is untrusted - that is why the
forrestbot and the publishing demo will only ever be a demo.

> >If you are talking about from brutus, then it would
> >require hell to freeze over, i.e. never.
> >
> >Until that ASF Publishing proposal gains some attention, we are stuck
> >with doing the current method of a committer doing manual commit of the
> >html/pdf to the cocoon-site repository.
> >
> >You asked a question at the end of our recent IRC:
> >------
> >(after reading
> >When our online-editing scenario is working, we can skip steps E-G, can't 
> >we?
> >------
> >
> >Well Step G is still required. The generated docs need to get to the
> >publication point ready for rsync.
> >
> >Actually i see that the Cocoon online-editing and content approval,
> >would happen prior to Step A.
> >
> >Step E and Step F are about ensuring that the generated result is ready
> >for publication, so as far as i can see, they are still required.
> Hmmm, this will spoil the online-editing experience
> >See the notes at
> >Remember that the Proposal is distilling comments from discussions on
> >infrastructure@a.o where people were adamant that there be human oversight
> >at every step in the deployment process. Now you see why we have been so
> >frustrated over the years. I hope that you don't get burnt out.
> No, I really want to see better docs. I've known before, that it will take 
> a lot of energy to make better docs happen.

Hang in there please.


> >The other option is that Cocoon entirely circumvents this whole
> >publishing process and has a fully dynamic website, i.e. no static docs.
> >A convincing proposal would need to be put to infrastructure@a.o
> >and, like the holdups with me needing to do demos on untrusted brutus,
> >you need to wait for the virtual servers to be available.
> The best solution IMO ... as the online-editing sceanrio will take some 
> time until it is ready to use. But having a virtual server is a strong 
> argument for using Daisy as it could be used without modifications and the 
> next release will contain "Daisy books" to create offline docs (see 
> >We really should be talking about this on cocoon-dev so that it can
> >be referred to later. Personal discussions are inefficient.
> Right, moving the discussion over to cocoon-dev.
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