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From BURGHARD √Čric <>
Subject Re: servicemanager and jxtg (was: WishFull thinking JX and SessionContext Authentication)
Date Sat, 22 Jan 2005 18:52:52 GMT
Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> During the "JXTG 2.0 (just say no!)" (you find links to it in
>, many people where negative to
> the idea of developing JXTG in a "taglib" direction. We decided that
> JXTG should focus on templating and that more programatic stuff should
> better be done in flowscripts.

It's strange, because I think that sylvain, with his cforms jx macros shows
how usefull could be a taglib for templating purpose. Perhaps do i need to
make my own helper class, to hide the connexion between jxtg and om, but i
would prefer to do it directly inside jx macros specially if the
"connexion" has no programatic stuff in it: a simple method call to a
component to retrieve a string or dom for example (ie quite similar to a
jx:set with a jxtemplate expression).

Perhaps input modules inside jx could also solve our problem without
changing the actual jxtg (fuzz) focus (<- just joking jxtg is a great
thing :-)

> So I don't think you would get much support for some more general move
> in making it easier to do "programming" in JXTG. But we can of course
> discuss more specific use cases and see if they view concerns that
> should affect template development or if they are control concerns and
> in that case how they could be done in flow.

But as far as i understand your work, if you had made a uniformization
between flow and jx behaviors, does this mean that the $cocoon objet will
behave similary than the one in flow (ie had a getComponent method :-) ?

> /Daniel


Will test your JXTG 2.0 with real pleasure.

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