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From oceatoon <>
Subject Difference between FOM_Session and REal Session?
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 20:03:13 GMT
HI everyone 

We are having weird effects poping up some structure questions about FOM and
more precisly about FOM_session. I use Flow to put some data into
cocoon.session.setAttribute("data",data) and retreive this easily from my
jx file coming from flow. 
Thinking this is part of a global session object, in this same JX page, I
have a link calling a pipeline that opens another JX file this time coming
from the pipeline my ${} doesn't work???  hmmm

so I realise that the first cocoon.session isn't the global session I am
looking for (that could be used from anywhere) but a FOM_session?? Is this
I have a feeling this was made so that Flow(Rhino Flow Continuation) could
work in it's own little context, the same for JX, but regular pipelines
don't go that way ?? So I ask myself now, how am I going to be able to
access my FOM_session(like a global session) data coming from pipeline
calls, or how to set what I put into FOM-session into global session??

I don't know much about the backend of FOM or Flow, so please excuse me if
this is a bit pulled out of the hat;), but I'd like to understand the
session structural difference between coming from Pipeline and from Flow.
Could there be a link with another recently posted problem about
cocoon.request in JX???

Thanks for the thoughts

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