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From "Matthew Langham" <>
Subject RE: [VOTE] Creation of a french-speaking users list
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2005 10:02:42 GMT
> Please cast your votes.

Hmm...this is really a point for discussion. I certainly understand the
reluctance of non-English speaking people to write in English to the list
(we get similar Emails from our German speaking customers for example). 

However I also see a problem in having additional "channels" in _any_ other
language because it would essentially mean that people would probably only
post to their native list (which again is understandable). But this would
eventually reduce the common discussion on the main list.

I personally have nothing against non-English posts to this list - and often
people are kind enough to comment and add a rough translation which in the
end helps everyone. Also, people on the list may be able to help out even if
they only have a very basic knowledge for the language (and I know Gianugo
is amazed by my Italian skills :-))

So, my suggestion would be to encourage non-native-English speaking people
to post in English (and make it clear that we aren't a list of English
teachers) and if those people still feel uncomfortable then they can post in
their language. Lengthy discussions in a non-English language could then be
taken off list anyway.

However, I do think non-English translations of the Website are a good idea
if they can be held in sync.


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