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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [RT] Escaping Sitemap Hell
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 11:55:14 GMT
Il giorno 06/gen/05, alle 01:54, Daniel Fagerstrom ha scritto:

> The requested resource will often be based on some content or 
> combination of content that we can access from Cocoon. The content can 
> be a file, data in a db, result from a business object etc. Let us 
> assume that it resides in some kind of content repository. Now if we 
> think about it, isn't it more natural to ask the content, that we are 
> going to use, about its propertiies like type, format, status, access 
> rights, etc, than to encode it in the URL? This properties can be 
> encoded in the file name, in metadata in some property file, within 
> the file, in a DB etc. Now instead of having the rule:
> *.x.y.z ==> XYZPipeline
> we have
> * where repository:{1} have properites {x, y, z} ==> XYZPipeline
> or
> * where repository:{1}.x.y.z exists ==> XYZPipeline
> We get the right pipeline by querying the repository instead of 
> encoding it in the URL. A further advantage is that the rule becomes 
> "listable" as the "where" clause in the match expresses what are the 
> allowed values for the wildcard.

Unless I misinterpret what you mean, we already can do this:

<map:match pattern="*">
   <map:call function="fun">
     <map:parameter name="par" value="{1}"/>

function fun() {
   var entity = repo.query("select * from entities where id = " + 
cocoon.parameters.par + " and {x, y, z}");
   cocoon.sendPage("views/XYZPipeline", { entity : entity });

<map:match pattern="XYZPipeline">
   <map:generate type="jx" src="xyz.jx.xml"/>

Apart from the obviously contrived example, isn't the Flowscript just 
what we need to "get the right pipeline by querying the repository"?

> I would propose to go even further, in the "real" site map it should 
> only be allowed to call VPC pipelines, no pipeline construction is 
> allowed, that should be done in the component area.

In my sitemaps, public pipelines contain almost only <map:call> and 
<map:read> (for static resources) elements. All "classical" 
generator-transformer-serializer pipelines go into an "internal-only" 
pipeline that can be called from flowscripts only.

Admittedly, this is fine for webapps, and maybe not so much for 
publishing-oriented websites. But what I want to point out is that your 
otherwise very well thought-out RT is incomplete if it doesn't take 
Flowscript in consideration, IMHO.


Ugo Cei -

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