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From Leo Simons <>
Subject Re: URLSource bug?
Date Thu, 06 Jan 2005 11:21:52 GMT
Hi Paul!

On 04-01-2005 22:03, "Paul Christmann" <> wrote:
> I've written two tests (I didn't see a URLSourceTestCase anywhere?):
> one with an invalid http URL (http://localhost/garbage) and one with a
> valid http url (, and the exists method returns
> true for both.
> I've got a simple one line fix for URLSource that seems to do the
> trick: set m_exists based on the returned contentLength.
> But - before I submit to bugzilla (the patch and the test case), I
> thought I'd check first: am I misunderstanding how the URLSource
> should work, and will I be breaking other things if I make exists()
> return false?

I have no idea (I don't use source resolver myself), but what you're
describing certainly sounds like a bug. Chuck it in jira I say, we'll apply
it, and we'll see if anyone complains later on :-D. (Which is why I'm Ccing
cocoon-dev; hi guys!)


- Leo

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