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From "Mark Lundquist">
Subject RE: Splitting xconf files step 2: the sitemap
Date Sun, 09 Jan 2005 22:17:06 GMT

> From: Reinhard Poetz []
> Let's talk again about our needs. What I've understood so far, we want to:
>   * call a flowscript function of another block *within* flowscript
>   * use the return object returned by the *other* block
>   * the function of the *other* block can send responses to the client
>     with correctly resolved links and can create continuations
> The question is, which contract we want to establish between
> caller and callee.
> Maybe somethink like
> function f_of_blockB() {
>     var x = cocoon.callBlock("blockA:f_of_blockA", {a, b, c});
>     // here calling a function of a sub sitemap of blockA
>     var y = cocoon.callBlock("blockA:subSitemap1:f_of_blockA_subSitemap",
>               {d, e});
> }
> can do the job ...

I'm a way late-comer to both the "real blocks" and VPC discussions, and
really still just in the learning curve of trying to get caught up w/ the
thinking, so I apologize in advance for any cluelessness, but...

Do we really want inter-block flowscript function calls?

I had always assumed that the block contracts would be at the sitemap level,
I suppose in terms of VPCs exported by blocks (and maybe imported from the
mounting context?).  Since VPCs take parameters (right? :-), what value do
we add by allowing blocks to invoke each other at the flow level?

I would rather see a sitemap-level contract, because of (a) parsimony, and
(b) clarity (the block dependencies/coupling are manifest in the sitemap,
not buried in flowscripts).

Am I totally off-base here?


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