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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Cocoon based CMS
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 13:59:34 GMT
Hi Rogier,

Le 14 janv. 05, à 13:47, Rogier Peters a écrit :
> ...the topmost Google ad says:
> Apache Cocoon-Based CMS
> XML content management system based on Apache Cocoon. Try it now.

FYI, Google ads depend on where you browse from, I don't get it here.

> Since I didn't know the company I went to their site and though they 
> have a
> product called ContentXML there's no mention of Cocoon anywhere.
> My questions:
> - does anyone know who's behind HannonHill / any experience with the 
> product...

Googling for "cocoon contentxml" returns quite a few pages, some of 
them from our own wiki. Several clues seem to indicate that their 
product is indeed built on Cocoon.

> - to me this isn't really playing nice - is it legal?

What problems do you see? Not being ironic, just trying to understand.

"Apache Cocoon-Based CMS" sounds ok to me, falling in the "describing 
the origin of the Work" category.

As long as they include the required licenses and notices with the 
software they distribute, I think they're ok from a legal point of 
view. Of course linking back to us on their website would be nicer, but 
there's no obligation AFAIK.


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