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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r125515 -
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 21:53:38 GMT
AbstractProfileManager still has saveUserProfiles(). It is implemented as
I remembered, by calling saveUserLayout() and saveUserCopletInstances(). 
So the effect of the way the code is now is that the copletinstancedata
will be saved twice on a call to saveUserProfiles().  saveUserProfiles is
called by the SaveAction class.

I think that what you are suggesting by your comment below is simply
removing the code checked in with r125515 that saved the coplet instance
data in saveUserLayout?  If so, I'm OK with that.


Carsten Ziegeler said:
> Ah, ok - this way makes sense of course. Ok, so I think we should go
> with the two methods: saveUserLayout and saveUserCopletInstances and
> implement them accordingly.
> If you're ok with it, I can fix it tomorrow.
> Carsten

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