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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [announcement/proposal] Moving Linotype out of Cocoon
Date Sun, 30 Jan 2005 04:37:57 GMT
As some of you know, my personal blog runs on this software called 
"Linotype" that I wrote for myself (on top of cocoon) and then donated 
to the project to show an example of how simple it was to build even a 
real-life webapp with flow.

For this reason, Linotype ended being a cocoon example, rather than a 
blog. It has nice and innovative features (even more innovating than 
most content management solutions out there), but it lacks some basic 
configurability. As a result, I've been maintaining a forked version on 
my own and failed to keep the cocoon one and my own up to date.

Linotype had 4 different 'releases' (each driven by my personal 
frustration with some of its limitations), only two of those made it 
inside cocoon. I'm now working on the 5 major release, which is pretty 
much a complete rewrite of the internals and thus will be called 
Linotype 2.0, but since it will be based on RDF technologies, I have 
decided to place it on (site that I administer for my day 
job) and that might give more direct visibility than as a hidden cocoon 
example in its own block.

The new linotype codebase is all my code, but I have decided to keep the 
same licenses in case I missed a few lines here and there of those 
contributions that were made here by others. Also, I don't want this to 
be a fork, but a migration.

For this reason, I propose that we discontinue the distribution of 
Linotype inside cocoon as a block, by deprecating it in the next 2.1.x 
release and by removing it alltogether in 2.2

Of course, the project will remain an open development project and I 
will welcome people to try it out and participate in its development.

The Linotype 2.0 will feature easy configurability and skinning support, 
things that will make it more appealing for other users that don't want 
their blog to look just like mine.

Anyway, what do you think?


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