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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: POST XML to cocoon protocol
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 22:06:25 GMT
Irv Salisbury III wrote:
> I did get great answers.  One of the "hot" things a lot of our customers 
> are looking at now is orchestrating web services together.  Separating 
> major pieces of the app behind REST style web services

I didn't connect the term "REST style web services", to WS with XML 
input. Can you expand a little bit about what you mean, are you refering 
to something like: ?

> and then tying 
> that together with things like BPEL.  That is really where my question 
> was driven at.  I guess it would be interesting to see if there was any 
> thought about integrating BPEL into cocoon.  Kind of like a "flowscript" 
> but in XML, but that could call cocoon pipelines, massage their content 
> and string together reusable smaller pipelines.  That was where my 
> difficulty lies.  I have a series of small, reusable pipelines, but that 
> take XML in and return XML.  So, I need to "orchestrate that".  A key 
> piece to this would be an architecture that let XML come into each 
> internal cocoon call.

I know to little about WS orchestration for having any opinion about 
that yet. But I would be very interested in strenghtening Cocoon's 
abilities for XML in XML out.

I wrote the XModuleSource, ModuleSource and the SOAP stuff I mentioned 
with that intension. The Cocoon architecture seem for me ideal for 
document style SOAP handling, booth as a server and as a client. But 
more work is needed to actually make i easy to use for such things.

I have had some ideas about implementing postabillity for the cocoon: 
protocol. That would be usable if you have a set of functionalities in 
terms of WS written in Cocoon and want to reuse them within your webapp. 
Then I have felt that a postable cocoon: protocol would overlap to much 
in functionality with the (hopefully) forthcomming virtual transformer But I don't know.

Unfortunatly I haven't found time to push this development any further.

You are very welcome to discuss about how we could make Cocoon more 
convenient for WS and WS orchestration here.


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