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From Irv Salisbury III <>
Subject Re: POST XML to cocoon protocol
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 21:17:07 GMT

Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Irv Salisbury III wrote:
>> I didn't mean to offend anyone.  I have answered a number of 
>> questions, and me and my company have given a few things to both 
>> cocoon and xreporter.  I realize you weren't accusing me, but wanted 
>> to point that out.  I certainly am not looking for any free hand 
>> outs.  Cocoon is a very busy list, and trying to monitor both the 
>> users and dev list is very difficult.  I did for a long time and 
>> couldn't do both.  As having used cocoon for quite awhile, I really 
>> do want to help, but I felt I had to pick between helping users or 
>> helping dev.
>> Your point is well taken and I will join the dev list so I don't have 
>> to post in that way again.  On the other hand, the users list has 
>> become so busy that more "dev" questions like mine go unanswered.  
>> (Which is where I started and received no help, forcing me to 
>> begrudingly ask for the dev help)
> Excelent that you contribute to the user list, I didn't know as you 
> didn't tell that you allready had tried in there. Anyway don't worry, 
> except for me, people are nice and friendly around here ;) Furthermore 
> as tech junkies we mainly care about if the questions are interesting, 
> and your was.
> It seem to me that you good answers later in the thread, so I don't 
> think I have anything to add to that.
> /Daniel

I did get great answers.  One of the "hot" things a lot of our customers 
are looking at now is orchestrating web services together.  Separating 
major pieces of the app behind REST style web services and then tying 
that together with things like BPEL.  That is really where my question 
was driven at.  I guess it would be interesting to see if there was any 
thought about integrating BPEL into cocoon.  Kind of like a "flowscript" 
but in XML, but that could call cocoon pipelines, massage their content 
and string together reusable smaller pipelines.  That was where my 
difficulty lies.  I have a series of small, reusable pipelines, but that 
take XML in and return XML.  So, I need to "orchestrate that".  A key 
piece to this would be an architecture that let XML come into each 
internal cocoon call.

Anyway,  thanks to all!


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