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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: POST XML to cocoon protocol (with SAXBuffer)
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 16:19:02 GMT
Frankly, I'm confused.  In another post you said "I need to call a set 
of REST style web services that take in XML and produce XML.  Almost 
like a BPEL kind of thing.  I need the outputs of some of the pipeines 
to be inputs to others and get it all aggregated to call the final 
pipeline.", so it sounds like you want to have the generator of a 
pipeline fed XML from one or more other pipelines. You don't need flow, 
request attributes or anything else to do that.  Just use the 
FileGenerator and specify a url with the cocoon protocol as the src.  
The target pipeline can either use pipeline aggregation or the CInclude 
transformer to aggregate the SAX events from wherever the XML is coming 

So am I missing something?


Irv Salisbury III wrote:

> Another thing to bounce off the list, hopefully something that I can 
> give back.
> Looking through the code, it seems like writing a 
> RequestAttributeTransformer with the following functionality might be 
> useful (at least to me :-)
> 1. Having the ability to use a org.apache.cocoon.xml.SAXBuffer to 
> record SAX events and put an object of this class in as a named 
> request attribute. 2. Having the ability to pull a SAXBuffer out of 
> the request as a named attribute and replay the SAX events.
> So, is SAXBuffer a good class to use for this, i.e. was it meant to be 
> used for this? Am I missing something obvious?
> Thanks,
> Irv

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