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From Irv Salisbury III <>
Subject Re: POST XML to cocoon protocol
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 13:19:23 GMT
I didn't mean to offend anyone.  I have answered a number of questions, 
and me and my company have given a few things to both cocoon and 
xreporter.  I realize you weren't accusing me, but wanted to point that 
out.  I certainly am not looking for any free hand outs.  Cocoon is a 
very busy list, and trying to monitor both the users and dev list is 
very difficult.  I did for a long time and couldn't do both.  As having 
used cocoon for quite awhile, I really do want to help, but I felt I had 
to pick between helping users or helping dev.

Your point is well taken and I will join the dev list so I don't have to 
post in that way again.  On the other hand, the users list has become so 
busy that more "dev" questions like mine go unanswered.  (Which is where 
I started and received no help, forcing me to begrudingly ask for the 
dev help)

Now that I have your ear :-),  and because you are the only one who has 
been able to answer this question, I am going to bother you with another 
one ;-). 

Thanks for the info on the ModuleSource.  What I want to do is to get 
the XML cotent from one pipeline and pass it as input to another 
pipline.  Let me write some pseudo-code:

DOM d = getDomFromFirstPipeline( "get-xml" );
DOM d2 = getDomFromSecondPipeline( "get-other-xml" );
DOM d3 = getDomFromOtherPipeline( "other-pipeline", d, d2 );  // pass 
the first two doms to the other pipeline
sendPage( "final-pipeline", d3 ) // now send final DOM to final-pipeline

The reason I need to do this, is the get-xml and get-other-xml are 
"pluggable" REST style web services that return XML.  other-pipeline is 
also a "pluggable" REST style web service that takes in XML and returns 
XML.  So, I am basically trying to string these together in either the 
sitemap directly or in flowscript.  It wasn't exactly clear how I would 
accomplish this with the ModuleSource. 

It seems like I could do this more easier if I could use Java/Javascript 
objects instead of passing DOMs around, but I don't have that luxury as 
I am talking to "legacy" stuff.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I am going to go join the list again, 
but if you or anyone else could copy me in again, that would be great.


Daniel Fagerstrom wrote:

> Irv Salisbury III wrote:
>> I want to use the CIncludeTransformer to call another pipeline and 
>> pass it XML using the POST mechanism.  Before posting this question, 
>> I tried to make my way through the Source code, eventually finding my 
>> way to the SitemapSource class.  It doesn't look like the cocoon: 
>> protocol allows for POST.  Is this the case?
> The cocoon: protocol doesn't support POST. It is not very likely that 
> it will either. I added POST support to the HTTP: protocol in Bugzilla 
> ( for web 
> serivce support. But some people at the list thought that it was going 
> outside the intended scope of resources to make them postable.
>> I guess a side question is, is there a better way to pass XML to 
>> another cocoon pipeline as input to it.  It is pretty easy to call 
>> another pipeline and get its output, but I want to pass XML to 
>> another cocoon pipeline.
>> I'd be fine with a solution that uses flowscript.
> I think the easiest way is using flowscript. You can use the 
> ModuleSource, "module:request:inputStream" 
> ( to get the input stream.
> Then you can use 
> org.apache.cocoon.components.flow.util.PipelineUtil.processToDOM to 
> get the content to a DOM that you after that can put into the pipeline 
> with e.g. JXTemplateGenerator.
> /Daniel
> P.S.
>> I am not on the dev list, so if you could copy me in on the answer, 
>> that would be great!
> It is considered slightly impolite to ask for private copies as it 
> hints that you only want something from us and not are going to 
> contribute. And that can reduce the chance for geting answers. See 
> e.g. and 
> You can always read answers through archives: 
> e.g.

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