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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: POST XML to cocoon protocol
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 10:09:38 GMT
Irv Salisbury III wrote:

> I want to use the CIncludeTransformer to call another pipeline and 
> pass it XML using the POST mechanism.  Before posting this question, I 
> tried to make my way through the Source code, eventually finding my 
> way to the SitemapSource class.  It doesn't look like the cocoon: 
> protocol allows for POST.  Is this the case?

The cocoon: protocol doesn't support POST. It is not very likely that it 
will either. I added POST support to the HTTP: protocol in Bugzilla 
( for web 
serivce support. But some people at the list thought that it was going 
outside the intended scope of resources to make them postable.

> I guess a side question is, is there a better way to pass XML to 
> another cocoon pipeline as input to it.  It is pretty easy to call 
> another pipeline and get its output, but I want to pass XML to another 
> cocoon pipeline.
> I'd be fine with a solution that uses flowscript.

I think the easiest way is using flowscript. You can use the 
ModuleSource, "module:request:inputStream" 
( to get the input stream.

Then you can use 
org.apache.cocoon.components.flow.util.PipelineUtil.processToDOM to get 
the content to a DOM that you after that can put into the pipeline with 
e.g. JXTemplateGenerator.



> I am not on the dev list, so if you could copy me in on the answer, 
> that would be great!

It is considered slightly impolite to ask for private copies as it hints 
that you only want something from us and not are going to contribute. 
And that can reduce the chance for geting answers. See e.g. and

You can always read answers through archives: e.g.

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