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From Irv Salisbury III <>
Subject POST XML to cocoon protocol
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2005 05:04:22 GMT
I want to use the CIncludeTransformer to call another pipeline and pass 
it XML using the POST mechanism.  Before posting this question, I tried 
to make my way through the Source code, eventually finding my way to the 
SitemapSource class.  It doesn't look like the cocoon: protocol allows 
for POST.  Is this the case?

I guess a side question is, is there a better way to pass XML to another 
cocoon pipeline as input to it.  It is pretty easy to call another 
pipeline and get its output, but I want to pass XML to another cocoon 

I'd be fine with a solution that uses flowscript.

I am not on the dev list, so if you could copy me in on the answer, that 
would be great!


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