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From Philippe Guillard <>
Subject Re: [Poll] Portal deployment / Cocoon portal usage
Date Tue, 25 Jan 2005 09:34:11 GMT
Responses inside.

1. Are you currently using the Cocoon Portal Framework? 

A) Yes we are using it for our Website under development

3. Why did you choose the Cocoon portal framework?

A) We were already using Cocoon 
B) A strategic decision was made to use Open Source 

4. What do you think is currently missing from the Portal framework?

D) Better Documentation : 
Like any cocoon block new users would need more, but the code is there open :-).

5. How do you get support for the framework 

A) Through the mailing lists 
B) Reading the documentation and other publications 

6. Details/Comments (Optional) 
As i said i can't compare to other portals, i believe it is today the biggest and most difficult
block in cocoon, so i still lack experience.
Still, i think it misses some flexibility concerning Layout and renderers. For example :
- Change the disposition of tab,link-tab layout, put some coplets over the menus (Actually
this is my question today on users-list: i don't think we can do much change there)
- Access to the request and session inside the renderers
- Possibilities to pass sitemap-parameters to the layout stylesheets


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