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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Using the New JXTG ?
Date Sat, 22 Jan 2005 16:39:12 GMT
oceatoon wrote:
> Hi 
> I see things are going well ahead with the refactoring of JX and as we use
> it quite extensivly we could try and use it for tests. But we are on tight
> schedule and I hope this wont pull us back.

Don't take any risks.

> I'd have a few questions concerning differences concerning all the JX tags
> set forEach macro out NumberFormat...
> will I have to recode all my stuff?

Not at all.

> does it use the same syntax?

Same syntax, same behaviour.

It is a refactoring so everything is supposed to work in the same way 
for the user, but extensive testing is of course needed to verify this. 
This far we only have a small set of unit tests.

The only back incompatiblity that I'm aware about is that I haven't 
implemented the deprecated $request, $session etc. I only use the 
$cocoon.request etc. OTH as I'm using Carstens TemplateObjectModel it is 
supposed to work for both flow and non flow context. If people want it 
we could add the deprected stuff as well.

> can we use the JXTG2 and JXTG simultaneously too smoothen the refactoring?

Yes you can e.g. set up the jxtg part of your sitemap component 
definition like:

<!-- The original jxtg -->
<map:generator name="jx" 

<!-- The refactored jxtg -->
<map:generator name="jx2" 

or just switching to

<map:generator name="jx" 

In the main sitemap to use it everywhere.

We haven't put any configuration snippets in the template block yet so 
you have to do this yourself.

> are there any docs yet for the new stuff?

No, the old docs should work. I'll try to write documentation about the 
archtecture when we have finished the refactoring. And we need to write 
Java doc as well.

> and finally where can I get it ?

Its only part of cocoon-trunk in SVN, we don't found it worthwhile to 
syncronize 2.1.x with the refactoring yet. The source is in 
src/blocks/template. To use it you just compile Cocoon as usual and add 
the sitemap rule above.

Don't take any risk with your project. But we would of course be happy 
with test results, and patches :)


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