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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: xml languages
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 10:11:33 GMT
Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:

> Le 21 janv. 05, à 10:14, Daniel Fagerstrom a écrit :
>> ...If you or someone else would like to make XSLT easier to use as 
>> template language, I would be happy to help with design discussions. 
>> But I have lost my interest in pushing for or implementing such a 
>> thing...
> Note that such a thing is available *now*, see
> and
> which I find better 

I'm aware of that. But what I refered to with "such a thing", was 
something different: using XQuery/XSLT as a template language (a 
generator) where you have access to FOM, business objects etc as an XML 
view that you can access directly through XQuery/XSLT as either input 
document, through document() or through input params. There was a very 
long thread about that two years ago that I cited in a previous mail.

With current implementations of XSLT I'm not particulary convinced about 
that its a good idea to trying to use them booth for XML to XML 
transformations and pulling data from Java beans (which is one of the 
main reasons for having template generators).

Having an attribute template alternative to XSLT for XML to XML 
transformations is another thing.


> I've talked to Christian Stocker from bitflux about copying his stuff 
> in Cocoon, and he said he's ok with the idea of us and them keeping 
> parallel versions of his TAL-to-XSLT transform (as he stole some of 
> our ideas it's only fair ;-). The simplicity of the thing doesn't 
> warrant the effort of maintaining a common version, stealing ideas 
> back and forth (with due credit of course) is easier.
> I've been meaning to add his stuff as a sample to the new template 
> block for a while, with some docs about how to use it, but as usual 
> time flies...
> -Bertrand

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