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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: xml languages
Date Fri, 21 Jan 2005 09:14:06 GMT
BURGHARD √Čric wrote:

>>This has also been discussed in detail:
>thanks a lot for all theses informations, and forgive me for not doing such
>an extensive search myself :-)
There have been 1000-2000 posts a month for the last 5 years at dev list 
so it is not that easy to find all relevant discussions ;)

>>Might be, and I argued for both the XSLT and Yelly solution before, but
>>I have changed my mind as it wasn't that easy in practice.
>yeah, that's right. The best solutions seems to be the less achievable. I
>don't want to throw oil on fire if this is such a touchy subject.
Its not a touchy subject, no subjects, as long as they are within the 
topic of the list are supposed to be touchy, (except for adding things 
to the sitemap maybe ;) ). Just wanted to point out that we have 
discussed it before. If you want to take up the dsicussion again, that's 
fine with me. If you or someone else would like to make XSLT easier to 
use as template language, I would be happy to help with design 
discussions. But I have lost my interest in pushing for or implementing 
such a thing.

The XSLT development the last few years have IMHO, been disapointing 
from an open source POV. Saxon is cool, but Michael Kay have decided to 
only add schema awarness and some other interesting things to the 
commersial variant of Saxon. Xalan seem to be more about bug fixing the 
current version than about developing XSLT 2 or other new ideas. I 
haven't seen any design discussions at xalan-dev for years.

> I'm quite
>happy with jxtemplate (apart 3 or 4 weird behaviors)
I'm working on refactoring JXTG so that it will be easier to support and 
develop. I'm aware about that you have access the request object etc 
differently depending on if you are using flow or not and also that the 
eval tag is less well designed. What more weird behaviours are you 
thinking of?

> and i'm quite
>realistic about our job on xml too (learn another dialect every week and
>waiting for the one :-)...
Yeah, that sucks. One of the reasons for focusing on JXTG and not 
something new is that we didn't want to tell the existing users of JXTG 
that it was time to learn a new template language again.


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