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From Torsten Curdt <>
Subject Re: Importing libraries from ibiblio
Date Sat, 15 Jan 2005 02:55:24 GMT
>>> WDYT?
>> But have in mind that the download computer is not always the install 
>> computer. Or the other way around: the install computer(s) has/have 
>> not necessarily access to the internet. I don't want to download all 
>> the dependent libraries one by one.
> My idea about this wasn't deployment (although this could be useful with 
> a repository on the local network) but svn and distros.
> With dependencies fetched from a repository, we can provide 3 different 
> distros:
> - source, with no dependent libraries included. This is basically a 
> snapshot of the svn tree
> - small binary, with no dependent libraries included. It's up to the 
> user to download the libraries that are needed for the blocks he chooses 
> to use (can be automated with, if they aren't already 
> present in his local cache.
> - full binary, with all dependent libraries included.
> There are a lot of projects that do this, e.g. Spring [1]. This reduces 
> download size, especially when there is a local repository used by a 
> number of different projects.

I think this is a great idea! big +1

We could also directly talk to the
ibiblio folks if things really don't
work out. I am sure we can work this


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