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From Sylvain Wallez <>
Subject Re: Importing libraries from ibiblio
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2005 17:45:10 GMT
Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>>>Currently our update procedure is a lot easier. I am not against having
>>>repositories, but this will add extra work if we want to have up to date
>>>all our libraries. As we have now. :-D

For some strange reason, I havent received your initial answer, but I've 
read it in the archives.

If you look at Ivy, you will see that it is very unintrusive. It "just" 
allows you to download artifacts from a repository in a directory that 
you specify. That's all. From there on, its just standard Ant, where you 
declare your classpath as usual. So it doesn't change much compared to 
what we have today.

Furthermore, you can speficy a list of repositories (either local or 
remote) that are searched in order for artifacts. That means you can 
have your local repo (i.e. local cache), the Cocoon repo, then Apache 
repo and then ibiblio. A lot of places where to store the needed 
libraries and ensure they don't get lost.

>>>Another problem is with what version are compiled the jars. We need to
>>>make sure that for 2.1.x branch they need to run in java 1.3 and 1.4 for
>>>2.2.0 branch. And this is not the case with some jars you find in the

That is a valid point. However, we can store jdk-specific libraries in 
our own repo whenever that situation arises.

>>>I am not against repositories, I am just let know the pitfalls that I
>>>met using them.
>>I think we've discussed this before, but it should be possible for Cocoon
>>to have its own repository with only the jars in it that need to be there.
>>It can use ibiblio as a secondary repository for the ones that can't be
>>located in Cocoon's.
>>I'm not sure about this ant task, but one nice thing about maven is that
>>the jars end up in your local repository, so if you get a new version of
>>Cocoon only jars that have changed will be downloaded.
>Are we planning to release binaries again?

The include feature in 2.2 can allow this, because adding/removing a 
block will just be a matter or moving around a jar and a xconf, rather 
than using xpatch.


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