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From Ralph Goers <>
Subject Re: ANN: [portal] New CachingPortletAdapter
Date Mon, 10 Jan 2005 14:26:43 GMT
DURDINA Michal wrote:

>I checked Pluto 1.0.1-rc1 (and also trunk) and the result is: pluto portal (/portal) does
not implement caching yet. The portlet.xml expiration-cache element is parsed in PortletDefinitionImpl
but never read (checked with Eclipse -> References). The same is valid for cocoon.
>IMHO it is the responsibility of the portal to implement caching not of portlet container.
I think there is nothing to fix in cocoon to enable caching. We have to implement caching
in cocoon and pluto portal (/portal subproject) should implement caching its own way. Caching
implementation involves no changes in pluto container (/container subproject) that the cocoon
is dependent on.
>I suggest I can slightly modify the CachingPortletAdapter to adapt for PortletDefinitionImpl.getExpirationCache()
value. Original PortletAdapter can stay untouched and users would have to use new CachingPortletAdapter
to enable caching in their portals. I think it is better to provide caching in the new adapter,
because users that already used PortletAdapter depend on non-caching behaviour (regardless
of <expiration-cache> value in their portlet.xml). WDYT?
>I can provide a new patch to bugzilla or only difference to my current patch and I would
be happy if somebody could take a look at it afterwards.
>Thank you,
It would be easier if you just provided a new patch (or set of patches). 
As long as this implements the spec and is something that is not clearly 
a defect in pluto then I'm OK with adding this, as long as Carsten or 
someone else does not object. However, my queue is severly backed up at 
the moment.


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