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From Mark Lundquist <>
Subject Sitemap problem... help! :-)
Date Sat, 29 Jan 2005 17:07:11 GMT

I posted the following a couple of days ago on the users list.  I've 
discovered a wee bit more information (see below).  Anyway, the problem 
(I'm using Cocoon 2.1.6):

On Jan 26, 2005, at 5:42 PM, Mark Lundquist wrote:

> Hi, I'm having trouble figuring out this problem...
> I have a flowscript that displays a form using form.showForm(), does 
> its thing, and calls cocoon.sendForm().
>  The Problem:
> If I submit an invalid form, the request invoked by sendForm() gives 
> me "No pipeline matched request."!  This is the same request that was 
> processed the first time through to display the form, but for some 
> reason it misses in the sitemap the second time when the form is being 
> redisplayed!
> If I submit a valid form, then I get the same "No pipeline matched 
> request" for the final sendPage() of the flowscript.  So, it's like 
> internal redirects after the continuation is resumed are broken, or 
> something.
> The flowscript is being called from a subsitemap, if that matters.
> I set sitemap logging to DEBUG, but that didn't turn up any clues.  
> Obviously it's something I'm doing, because forms+flow in a subsitemap 
> work just fine in the samples...  BTW this application worked w/ 
> Cocoon 2.1.5... but I might have made a few other changes since 
> porting it to 2.1.6, before I became aware of this problem.
> Any ideas where I might look to try and debug this?
> Thanks a lot!
> —ml—

This morning I modified o.a.c.matching.AbstractPreparableMatcher to log 
failed matches, and I can see that it's trying to match the request in 
the _root_ sitemap, not in the subsitemap.  BTW, right before sitemap 
processing I see this:

	DEBUG   (2005-01-29) 08:41.31:245   [sitemap] 
PoolThread-4/EnvironmentWrapper: Setting uri (prefix=null, 

Since the prefix is null, we should process in the current context, 
right?  And you can see that the URI doesn't start w/ "/" (remember, 
we're down in the showForm() validation loop, and this is the same URI 
that matched successfully the first time the form was displayed in the 
same flow...

Any ideas?

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