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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Logging in 2.2
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 20:56:10 GMT

I think we are still discussing the topic. It is to early to cast it as
real votes.

just4log is a complement to [log4j | commons-logging | JDK 1.4 Logging ]
if all three are deprecated, then we can not use it. :-(

Unfortunately seems like we will still stall with logkit?

No package is a nirvana. Each one has own pluses and minuses.

How I see things:

1-UGLI: If Torsten comment related to the 2 parameter limit in UGLI is
true, then UGLI is not a serious proposal. Should be discarded. It is only
a bad produced syntax sugar. I must admit, the idea with more parameters
is really cool. Maybe in the future we can adopt it. I know we don't have
some too heavy logging requirements. I mean I need 10's of parameters or
recursive logging.

2-commons-logging: Software evolves and comments that where true 2 or 3
years ago are not true now. I think is posible to find mails of people
telling "don't try to build databases system with cocoon" (or a similar
with a topic) that are 2 or 3 years old. And we know that some of them are
not true now. Not sure if this is the same with commons-logging. Perhaps
we need to review it again and see if commons-logging evolved over the
time. I am wondering how other Apache libraries are using it and why and
how they can live with commons-logging.

3-jdk logger 1.4: Perhaps the same as log4j, but we will still include
log4j in our distribution.

4-Logkit: Carsten proposal was mostly to get rid of a package (LogKit)
that seems to be cocoon's exclusive usage. I also remember the problems
needing to learn logkit => just "another brick" in the learning curve
"wall". BTW, anybody is working on it?

Until now you can beat that I am in favor of commons-logging. I am +0. I
prefer log4j + just4log combination. :-)

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo.

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