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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r125515 -
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2005 21:21:28 GMT
Darn - email problems.  I accidently deleted the message I wanted to reply

Anyway, saveUserCopletInstance is the method I really care about. I don't
think anything was ever actually calling the other save methods.  When I
added support for storing JSR-168 Portlet preferences I added code to
cause just the coplet instance data to be saved, as that is where the
portlet preferences reside.  I don't want to save the layout as well
since, in a lot of cases, the user may not even be able to change his
layout and it will end up creating a slew of duplicated files.

As for the other two methods, I tried to leave saveUserProfiles as I found
it in terms of functionality - it did the same thing saveUserLayout is
doing now, but accomplished it by calling saveUserLayout and


Message text I'm replying to ----

Ah, I just noticed that the ProfileManager interface has changed as well
- there are now three save methods:
      * Save the profile
     void saveUserProfiles(String layoutKey);

      * Save the layout
      * @param layoutKey
     void saveUserLayout(String layoutKey);

      * Save the coplet instance
      * @param layoutKey
     void saveUserCopletInstance(String layoutKey);

Now, the intention of saveUserProfiles() is exactly to save the layout
and the instance datas as they belong together - only saving one part is
dangerous as the layout has references to the instances. So I think we
should remove the two other save methods again - we can have two
different methods in the *implementation* if you want.


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