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From Jason Johnston <>
Subject protected JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes
Date Tue, 04 Jan 2005 21:43:02 GMT
Hi folks-- I'm trying to create a custom binding by extending
JXPathBindingBase and JXPathBindingBuilderBase for the binding and
binding builder respectively.  My classes, of course, live in a
different package than o.a.c.forms.binding.

My builder class is able to access the protected inner class
JXPathBindingBuilderBase.CommonAttributes just fine, because it is a
direct subclass of JXPathBindingBuilderBase.  But the binding class
fails because it also needs access to CommonAttributes (see the
JXPathBindingBase constructor), but neither extends nor resides in the
same package as JXPathBindingBuilderBase so CommonAttributes is not

Anyone know of a reason why CommonAttributes is protected rather than
public?  Any objections to making it public?

Thanks in advance

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