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From "Ralph Goers" <>
Subject Re: [RT] Logging in 2.2
Date Wed, 05 Jan 2005 18:20:01 GMT
I don't believe getting rid of (Abstract)LogEnabled should be done in 2.2.
 That is so pervasive that it will significantly delay getting a 2.2
release out soon.

Torsten Curdt said:
>> Maybe just throw away (Abstract)LogEnabled and do constructor injection
>> instead. Or even relegate Logging to an ordinary service, which is
>> looked up
>> like any other component.
> As much as I like IoC I think logging is one of the reasons for
> overcomponentization. ...just because you need a logger instance.
> Passing it to the POM does not make it much nicer. In fact it's
> sometimes hard to draw the line. Component ...not a component.
> Have logging as an explicit service does definitely not feel
> right to me. Logging should be much more low-level!
> I am not sure but to me IoC seems to hurt more than it helps
> for logging. May I play devils advocate:
> For how many projects would this *really* be a security issue?
> If someone can log to your logger you probably have bigger
> problems!
> ...and btw: if you need to you *can* get to any logging channel
> even with logkit IIRC.
> cheers
> --
> Torsten

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